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Reading Plus Victory for Washington

Today Washington received a nice surprise from Ms.Walker. We got a tasty cup of hot chocolate and some chocolate chip cookies at lunchtime to celebrate our whole class success on Reading Plus. We reached 100% which meant all children completed their weekly reading, vocabulary and visual assignments. It’s a first for St.Aloysius and a record Washington are proud to have set. Come on KS2 let’s all aim for 100% this week! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Each child in Washington was assigned a partner. In their pairs, the children had to teach their counter part a new skill. For the children to succeed they had to show resilience, a listening ear, a desire to want to learn, accept constructive criticism and display patience. The children demonstrated all of these learning powers which paved a pathway to success. Here is an example of some of the talents that can’t be assessed in class but help make us who we are, special. 😊 

Pizza Party after attendance success for Washington

Thank you children for coming to school even when you feel a little poorly as attendance impacts your attainment and progress. We were rewarded a Pizza Party because we had the best attendance last half term. It was lovely to relax and enjoy ourselves after such a busy term. Let’s keep the attendance up as missing school days results in missing skills or knowledge. ATTENDANCE MATTERS! 

A visit from ZooLab

We explored evolution and inheritance last half term and we were very kindly met by some creatures to help us along our learning journey. In class, we began learning about Charles Darwin and the impact his studies had on the world in relation to natural selection and adaptation. It was lovely to see and touch many creatures which ZooLab brought in for us and they explained the adaptations these animals had encountered to allow for survival of the fittest. Following our session, we brought our new knowledge back into the classroom and wrote a biography on Charles Darwin, who he was, what he did and his time on the HMS Beagle including his discoveries. 


Basketball with Mersey Mavericks

Washington were very fortunate to have a fantastic basketball coach in for Autumn term. Coach John from Mersey Mavericks taught the children many basketball skills and developed a love for the sport within our children. Each week one children would be given a Mersey Maverick certificate to highlight their skills and progression in the lessons. It was lovely to see so many children improve and have control of the ball whilst improving their teamwork.