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Visit from Merseyside Fire Brigade


This week, we were so lucky to have some special visitors into our class. As part of our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, we have been talking about what we want to be when we grow up and talking about different jobs that we could have.


Miss Harrison noticed that some of the children have been pretending to be firemen in the garden so she invited Merseyside Fire Brigade to come and visit us.

We thought of lots of questions to ask them and we couldn’t wait to find out the answers. We wanted to know where they got all of the water from and more about the special clothes that they wear.


On Monday, Eddie and the firemen from Huyton Fire Station came to visit us and brought their fire engine. They told us how the fire engine held lots of water ready to put out fires. They then let all of the children have a turn of the hose. It was so much fun! The firefighters kept splashing the water at Miss Harrison and we thought this was very funny.


Some of the children even got to sit inside the fire engine and they saw the fire suits and helmets that the firefighters wear. We saw that the fire engine had lots of equipment to help in an emergency, including a large ladder on the top of the engine. The firemen told us that both men and women can be firefighters and hopefully some of us may join the fire brigade one day.


The visit was so much fun and the firemen even put the flashing lights and sirens on for us as they left. How exciting!