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Visit from Alder Hey Nurses


Today, we welcomed two visitors into our class. We have been exploring different occupations and some of the children have shown an interest in becoming a nurse when they are older. So, we invited Zara and Emma from Alder Hey to come and talk to the children.


The children were excited to find out that the ladies were nurses and some of them recalled visiting Alder Hey hospital when they have been poorly. Zara and Emma told us about their role as critical care nurses and told us about some of the jobs that they do each day. We learnt that they look after children in the day and night, play games, give medicines, change the beds and they tell the doctors all about the patients and how they are feeling.


They answered lots of questions and we found out so much information. Lucas H asked "How do you fix broken bones?" and we found out that they use special plaster casts to hold the bones in place. Maisie R asked "Do you sometimes put needles in?" and we found out that the needles are used to give medicine. Isabella F asked "How do you give the medicine?" and we learnt that you can have medicine in your mouth, a needle or a tube. Cole C asked "How do you make people better when they are sick?" and the nurses said with medicine, bandages and lots of care and cuddles.


The nurses also told us about some of the equipment that they use. They told us that they use bandages, thermometers, special torches to check your eyes and stethoscopes. They even brought a stethoscope with them and Emily, Lillie, Cody and Bella C were able to listen to each other’s heartbeat.


We also learnt that the nurses wear a special uniform called scrubs so that they don’t spread germs and so everyone knows who they are. The nurses told us that anybody can be a nurse, but you have to try your best in school. "Boys can be nurses too" said Lucas H. Maybe we have some future nurses in our class?


We really enjoyed our visit today. Well done Reception!