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In science this term we have been finding out about solids and liquids and how they can be separated. Mrs Phillips was very impressed at how much we knew about solids and how many of them are found or made. We have used Carroll diagrams to sort out a range of materials into solids and liquids. Miss tried to trick us with some solids that have the same properties as liquids, but we knew that salt and sand were solids! We explained how they are just lots of little tiny solids together that pour like a liquid.

We did notice that not all liquids behave the same. We saw that when miss shook the bottles it took some liquids, like syrup, longer to settle back down. After noticing this we planned a fair test to discover which liquids flow more quickly and which are slower. Miss Moore explained that this is viscosity. We set up ramps and dropped a spoon of different liquids onto a ramp and measured how long it took to travel 25cm. We are puuting our results into 'Numbers' on the iPads and will create tables and graphs. Mrs Phillips said she will put the best on here, so keep an eye out!