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Tudor Animation

In groups of three, we researched Tudor Houses aswell as the portraits of Henry viii and his six wives. We needed to know what each of these elements looked like so we could draw them with historical accuracy, so we could create our animation. We made sure that Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard had long necks - if you watch our videos you will find out why!

Preparing our animations!

Using our cut out Henry and his wives, we were able to make our animation. We used ipads to take pictures, which were then put together to create our own film. We were able to manage 24 pictures per second, some of us even managed to record a narrative to accompany our animations!
Click on the names below to see the animation of each group! You will be highly impressed with their historical accuracy, as well as artistic and computing ability. The groups worked very hard on a friday afternoon to accomplish their animation. Well Done!