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The farm visit school!


We had a brilliant time today as we had a visit from Little Barn Mobile Farm. Natalie brought lots of animals for us to meet, as Miss Harrison told her that we were really interested in animals and we are learning about growing in school.


The children listened carefully as Natalie told us all about her dairy farm and she told us that they milk the cows twice a day. She showed us part of the milking machine and told us how the milk gets from the cows to us for us to drink. She showed us pictures of the tractors at her farm and told us what their jobs were as she remembered that some of us asked about the tractors at our pre-visit a few weeks ago.


Next, Natalie introduced us to the animals and she told us facts about them. First, we met Florence and Hops the rabbits. She told us that they like to eat carrots and we stroked the rabbits and described what they felt like. We thought they were "soft" and "fluffy".


Then we met Belle the Pygmy goat. Natalie told us that she was the cheekiest animal on the farm and that she liked to climb and she eats everyone’s food! We stroked Belle and we touched her horns and found that they were really hard. We even took Belle for a walk across our bridge like in The Three Billy Goats Gruff story that we have read in class.


After that, we met Elsa and Anna the Kune Kune pigs. We learnt that a baby pig is called a piglet and that their feet are called trotters and their nose is called a snout. We also learnt that the pigs like to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and we even fed them some bananas. They were very greedy! We stroked the pigs and we found that they weren’t as fluffy as we thought they would be. We thought they felt a little bit "spikey".


Natalie then showed us lots of different grains, oats, beans and barley. We learnt that some are used to feed the animals and that some are used to make bread and porridge.


Next, we met Ralf the calf. We learnt that a 'calf' is the name for a baby cow and we learnt that Ralf was only two weeks old. We also found out that he drinks two bottles of milk every day.


Finally, we met Lucy and Nora the lambs. We remembered that this was the name for a baby sheep and we learnt that they have wool on their backs that we can use to make a jumper. We stroked Lucy and Nora and then we got to bottle feed them some warm milk. This was our favourite part! We were so excited to feed the lambs and I think this is an experience we will never forget!


The children asked lots of questions, stroked all of the animals and commented on what they felt like. It was a fantastic, hands-on session and we learnt so much about the animals. Miss Harrison and Miss Steele are so proud of how well behaved we were and how much information we remembered. What an exciting day!