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Teddy Bear's Picnic!

If you go down to the park today you might get a big surprise

because today is the day Reception and the Teddies had their



This week we have been so excited preparing for the Teddy Bears

Picnic. This wonderful idea came from Zac,  when he decided to make his very own scary bear costume in the messy room. “ I know we could have a picnic in school” he said. We were  all really excited  about this idea and began to discuss what we could bring to the picnic. Together we made a list of all the delicious treats that we would take on our picnic.


The next day we made some special invitations for our teddy bears to invite them to the picnic. Our teachers were so proud of our lovely



On Wednesday we came to school wearing sun cream, sun hats and even sun glasses ready for the picnic.  Our teddies came to school on this day too and they were also very excited for their trip to the park. We very kindly brought some yummy food to share with our friends at the picnic.


We walked very sensibly with our teachers to the park, crossing the road with care “we have to look both ways” Bobby  explained. Once at the park we put out our blankets and shared all of the delicious food. As we ate our picnic we sang the special ‘Teddy Bears Picnic” song we had learnt in school. We had a fabulous time! Once we had finished our picnic we were allowed some time to play on the play area. We had lots of fun and made lovely memories!



Look at our Teddy Bear's Picnic!