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Tate Liverpool

An exciting day out at Tate Liverpool.


We are all extremely tired after a wonderful visit to Tate Liverpool today. We were excited as soon as we came in as we set off to Roby train station to get the train to Lime Street. It took over 5minutes for the ticket office to print all of our train tickets, but luckily the train didn't come until after they were all printed!


The train was jam packed with people and our teachers were very proud as members of the public mentioned how sensible we were in our hi-vis vests.

After the train arrived we had one mile to walk to the Tate at the Albert Dock. Fortunately the sun was shining and we stopped and had a quick snack on the way. Once we arrived the fun really started and we looked at the Constellations exhibition. We made connections between ourselves and some of the sculptures and paintings, finding examples taller than us, older than us, including our favourite colour even!

Later on we worked together in the gallery space to make some of our own art using the pack the Tate gave us. We loved collaborating and thought that sharing ideas was lots of fun! Once again, people stopped our teachers and told them how impressed they were with both our behaviour and our knowledge of art. Te staff were very proud of us!

Looking at some of the portraits, we saw how colour and shape can influence the way we look at the people depicted. We told stories about the images and created characters based on our opinions.

Following all of that hard work we had to make the journey back to school, but not before we enjoyed the winter sunshine as we ate our lunch outside! Once we got back to school we had a well earned rest and worked in our sketchbooks until hometime.