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Tasty Treats

Today we created and ate a tasty Tudor feast! Mrs Iliff visited her dad and helped him to harvest lots of fresh, seasonal vegetables. She brought in huge carrots, celery, parsnips, onions and cabbages. We were very impressed with his green fingers and couldn't believe how much he had grown!

With Mrs Rotherham, Mrs O'Neill, Mrs Kinsella and Mrs Millington's help, we washed them and cut them up carefully before adding stock and some herbs to add extra flavour to our Tudor style pottage. They cooked away in huge pans for a few hours and the tantalising smell drifted around the school while we worked away at our coat of arms. We made bread to go with the pottage and think that we gave Paul Hollywood a run for his money as bakers. Once we left the dough to rise, Mrs Rotherham brought it back to us to show how it had doubled in size.

After lunch our feast was almost ready, but not before we had each crafted exquisite marzipan fruits as the centrepiece for our feast. We had such an interesting and fun day and will be using our experiences to learn more about the Tudors and create Tudor menus.