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St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Together with Jesus, we Love, Learn and Believe


Ranger Paul spoke to the children about the River Alt, which runs through Croxteth Park. We learnt that 'alt' is the Viking word for river. So the River Alt is called the River River, which made the children laugh! We walked alongside the river and crossed three bridges. We saw evidence of erosion and deposition. Paul told us that the river is a Class Two river, which means that the river supports aquatic life and is fairly clean. We saw evidence of river life including sticklebacks and water snails We all had a super day out!
The children took part in a National Cookathon. They helped to make a cottage pie. They were expert at peeling, chopping, slicing, frying and mashing! Later , they were able to taste the fruits of their labours! I can honestly say that the cottage pie was delicious and many of the children had seconds!
The children are enjoying taking part in Samba lessons with Mr Kelly. They are learning to play a range of percussion instruments. Today they learnt how to play the Serdo drums and had to keep a rhythm- Boom, Boom, Daga, Daga, Boom, Boom, Da!
5th May 2016    Today the children learnt how to play a Tambourim and repeat a rhythmic beat.
The children have completed a Life Skills course with Barnardo's. Today they were learning about assertiveness and how to say 'No' in response to Peer Pressure. They used puppets to help them express their responses on how to say 'No' in lots of different ways. 
The children have enjoyed learning how to play Badminton. They found it much easier to play with a balloon though!
The children had fun exploring the solid, liquid and gas state of water. They also explored condensation and evaporation as the ice cubes eventually disappeared into the air as water vapour.
Just before the half term break each topic group prepared some solutions of bicarbonate of soda dissolved into warm water and food colouring. A length of string was place between two jars. The solutions travelled along the strings and formed crystals as the water evaporated. The results were quite spectacular.
All the children in school took part in an Olympic Opening Ceremony to begin our current topic about Rio 2016. Each class represented a different country, we represented Italy and walked around the arena to the sound of Nessun Dorma. The afternoon was completed with an ice lolly for all!! Delicious!
The children took part in lots of activities to help them think about a healthy lifestyle. They made smoothies on Tuesday, a dance 'Rise and Shine' session on Wednesday, made a chicken and salad wrap on Thursday and ended the week with the inflatable. A great time had by all!
We have been practising our rhythmic gymnastics routines. 
The children had a great time performing the Samba rhythms that they had learnt over the previous weeks with the help of Mr Kelly. I was really impressed with the way they performed, they all watched him with such concentration. Boom Boom Dagga Dagga Boom Boom Da!!!!
A great day out was had by all. Building sandcastles, digging holes, fighting pirates, tug of war, paddling, fish fingers and chips and  ice lollies!