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Suitcase Clues!

This week has been busy and chock-a-block with exciting learning activities!
Mrs Phillips brought in several strange and very different bags and suitcases to show us.

The first we looked at was very old fashioned and made of brown leather. The children had to guess who it belonged to. Amongst the clues were a pair of clogs, some very well looked after toys, a red gym skirt with lots of tennis and gymnastics badges carefully sewn on and a Bay City Rollers annual. We thought the biggest clue was the tennis awards and some of us guessed that the case belong to Mrs Iliff!

The next bag was a bit trickier, we found tickets for a Bayern Munich home game, a letter from Afghanistan, a wedding invitation and fitness magazines. While some of us guessed it might be Mr McKenna, a few people correctly chose Commando Joe.

Nobody guessed who the final rucksack belonged to but we did discover that it was someone who travelled lot, had many adventures, cared about history and had to be ready to face anyone or anything! Mrs Phillips told us that the bag belonged to Indianna Jones.