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Stone Age

We have made a great start to our topic Stone Age to Iron Age, the children now all have their very own prehistoric animal named tables.

We have the, Mastodons, Woolly Rhinos, Sabre Toothed Cats, Megatheriums and Mammoths.


Last week we identifided the prehistoric Stone Age (Neolithic) settlements in the United Kingdom. The children were able to locate all seven on a map. We looked closley at Stone Age settlement Skara Brae. The children enjoyed listening about the discovery of Skara Brae in Orkney which was uncovered by a storm in 1850.


We are all looking forward to our Den Building activity on Friday (10th October) were we will be filtrating water, fire building and even toasting marshmallows!



Den building

As you can see we had great fun den building on Friday! It was very important to work as a team in order to create a waterproof den. We were very fortunate as the sun was shining and the rain stayed away. Afterwards we all got the opportunity to toast marshmallows and even sang some camp fire songs! It was great fun!