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St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Together with Jesus, we Love, Learn and Believe

Spring Term

The children drew their designs and then used square paper tiles to create their design on an old bathroom tile.
The children had a great time exploring fractions using a variety of different mathematical equipment. They had to think about a fraction, show it using their equipment and also write it down. The children then went around the room to discuss the fractions that the children had made in their museums.
The children had a talk to discuss how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including the foods and drinks the children consumed as well as taking part in some games to increase the heart rate to burn off calories.
The children had a lovely time drawing around each other and then adding bones to their drawings. We had some very interesting skeletons by the end of the day!

The children completed seven hours of swimming today (2nd March). Some of the children have worked hard to learn to swim, some have improved their swimming technique and confidence and some have improved their stamina and endurance by swimming lengths in the big pool.

They have learnt to swim front crawl and backstroke, practised starfish floating, retrieved objects from the bottom on the pool and generally have had a lot of fun. Kat and John were very impressed with the children as everyone managed to swim eventually. You should be proud of all your children and their achievements. They have been a credit to our school and I am very proud of them all. Well done to class Rome!!!!!

The children had a lovely time having pancakes for snack time today.
The children had a wonderful time designing and making a Roman mosaic. They had to design a pattern from a limited range of colours, then copy this design onto an old bathroom tile. The final result is very effective!
We celebrated the end of our Journeys topic with a Collective Worship. We sat around in a circle with a candle and Bible in the middle to focus our attention and reflection. We sang the Hail Mary, to remember that she was with Jesus at the beginning and the end of his journey, and some children read a Pilgrimage Psalm. We ended  our celebration by sharing with each other how we could help someone on their journey through life.
The children have been investigating magnets and were set the challenge to discover as many magnetic and non-magnetic materials around the classroom.
This term in our PE lessons we have been getting fit. We have been developing and improving our skills in running, skipping, hoola-hooping, balancing, steps ups, crunches, jumping and working together. We have been trying to do lots of shuttle runs, ski jumps, skips , crunches and step ups in one minute. Every week we have tried to beat our score. When we swim after half term we will be super fit!
Commando Joe is teaching us how to play basketball. We are practising our dribbling skills.
The children had a great time making Beaker Pots from air drying clay. The Beaker People migrated to Britain from Central Europe around 2,500BC, bringing with them new technologies including how to make bronze from copper and tin. All the children were very proud of their efforts.
The children have really enjoyed having a Stone Age Cave in which to read. This cave has now been converted into a Roman Fort.
Heave, Pull, Heave !!
The children helped to investigate how far a toy car travelled on different surfaces-carpet, bubble wrap, artificial grass, wood and cardboard. The children that the car travelled furthest on the wooden surface and the least far on the bubble wrap.