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PLAS CAERDEON- April 1st-5th

The children had a great time experiencing lots of new challenges: orienteering, rock climbing and abseiling, walking in mountain environments, kayaking, zip wire and ropes course, archery and rock scrambling in all sorts of weather. The scenery was magnificent too! The children were split into three groups, this was my group.


St Aloysius Child (28/03/19)

All the children had a fabulous day exploring different aspects of St Aloysius Child including Outdoor Challenge, which I was responsible for. The children were provided with a range of equipment to build a den. The children demonstrated great teamwork skills, as well as a lot of resilience to finally succeed in their endeavours.


Where is Plas Caerdeon?

The children are trying to locate Plas Caerdeon on an OS map of the area.

POP PROJECT 12/03/19

The children were treated to an afternoon of musical and cultural history of Liverpool from the 1950s to the present day. There was a special focus on the Beatles, as the children sang along to some of their hits and danced to 'Twist and Shout'.


STEM challenge (8/3/19): Who can build the tallest tower?

The children had a brilliant time building structures using spaghetti and marshmallows, then using newspaper and sellotape. They developed many skills including team work and resilience, especially when structures collapsed!

WORLD BOOK DAY 7/3/19 The children shared their favourite stories with each other.
Maths Games 7/3/19 The children paired up to demonstrate their number skills, the winner is the one to turn over all their cards!
GYMNASTICS (28/2/19) The children began the Gymnastics unit by exploring balance, co-ordination and movement using the floor and apparatus. They all loved the climbing frame!
Exploring 3D shape (1/3/19)-The children had a great time exploring the properties of 3D shape and creating structures using Construction Straws and Polydron.


As part of Writing Week the children watched an animation titled 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. What would happen if they met? They also created the characters using  a variety of materials.

MISSION ASSEMBLY 1/2/19~ I was so proud of Washington as they read their lines for their assembly today. Mission accomplished!

BETH TWEDDLE and the FA CUP-22/1/19

The children had double treat today. First of all Olympic Gymnast Beth Tweddle spoke to the children about her life story as a gymnast.  How she had to train 30 hours a week, whilst she was still at school to get to the top of British Gymnastics. They were most impressed as they watched video clips of Beth at the Commonwealth and Olympics Games  doing her floor, vault, beam and bar routines. As well as her winning routine for 'Dancing on Ice'.

Then the children had the opportunity to learn about the history of the FA Cup and have a class photo with it.  


The children are having fun developing new skills and learning how to play badminton.


The assembly stressed the importance of making sure that you use your brain to its maximum potential. Being brave to try new experiences, challenging yourself, overcoming your fears, coming out of your comfort zone and encouraging resilience- try, try and try again.