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Spooky Week


Wow! What a brilliant time we have had celebrating ‘Spooky Week’ in school. We took part in lots of different activities including baking and decorating our own spooky spider biscuits, we made lots of spooky creations in the playdough and we made broomsticks and other creations in the craft area. We had ‘witches fingers’ for a spooky snack and we even carved our own pumpkins and we talked about what it felt like inside.


Our classroom was decorated with cobwebs and spooky decorations and we had a brilliant reading cave with lots of spooky stories inside and torches so we could sit and read stories in there with our friends. Miss Harrison made a spooky potion shop and we loved mixing our own potions using bones, spiders, rats and bats. We had lots of fun counting the ingredients and tried hard to sound them out and write them down.


We also celebrated a spooky party in the home corner, decorating the house and sending out party invitations. We read lots of spooky stories including the rhyming story ‘What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?’ and we loved listening out for the rhyming words!


We read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson and we made our own character books, focusing on the initial sound. We also received a letter from the witch in the story and she had lost her potion book so we helped write lots of potions for her. She sent us some ingredients and we made a potion to turn Miss Wrigley into a bat. The potion turned green and it fizzed right out of our cauldron!


We played lots of fine motor games such as picking up spiders with tweezers and counting them, and we took part in sensory activities, writing letters in spooky slime and picking bugs out of spaghetti worms. We used super describing words to describe what it felt like.


We also had a spooky dress up day where we all came to school in our costumes and we had a disco outside, playing lots of party games. We had a brilliant time dancing to the music and we listened carefully to the instructions as we played each game. Finally we all made a chocolate apple to take home and we talked about how the chocolate melts.


What a busy and exciting week! We might keep some of our activities for a second week as the children loved them so much!