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Smile for the camera.

Our class are now official school photographers ! We all recently completed a  half day training session with professional photographer Colin Douglas . During the session we learned  a little bit about the history of photography and looked at a collection of old cameras ( you had to put film in them and have it developed before you got to see your pictures!). After that Colin showed us how to use the digital cameras we would be working with and taught us how to set up and frame  photographs to get the best results. Once we'd experimented with the cameras, and taken lots of photographs of ourselves, we were ready to take up our assignment. Miss Wrigley had commissioned us to take photographs  around the theme of being happy and healthy. We spent a whole day taking photographs of children in our school playing, exercising, eating healthy snacks and meals and learning about how to stay healthy. The photographs which we took are going to be made into a book and photo boards to be put up around our school, so look out for them next time you come to visit.