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Science investigation into the angle of a slope.

Science investigation into the angle of a slope.


On Wednesday afternoon class 4 investigated how the angle of a slope affects the speed, distance and direction of a toy car. First we talked about the investigation and what we were going to measure and what would have to stay the same to make the test fair.
We used a ramp that we could change the height of, a toy car, a track and metre sticks. We put the ramp on the first rung, placed the car at the top of the ramp and let go. We observed the speed, direction and distance the car travelled. We measured the distance and I recorded it on a table. We did the investigation 4 more times increasing the angle and height of the ramp. We observed that the higher the ramp the faster the car moves. Also the higher the ramp the further the car travels. But when the slope gets too steep the car either changes direction or falls over.
Some children even had a go themselves to conduct their own investigation. The equipment will be available in class for the children to have a go themselves.
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