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Science: Acorn Farm come to visit!

As part of our new learning in Science, the children are going to be learning about common animals. Today, we arranged for Acorn Farm to bring some farm animals to school for the children to see, touch, feed and find out more about them. The children met Alison and Paul from the farm and they listened carefully as they told us facts about each animal, then really enjoyed getting to touch them.


First, we met some baby chicks and learnt that the males are yellow and the female are brown and we learnt that they have feathers and eat special chick crumb. Zac said “I wish I could take them home!” Then we met a hen and a cockerel and we learnt that they eat worms, seeds and insects and they have a comb on their head. “It looks like a Mohican” Harry said! After that we met Daisy the duck and our Daisy helped Alison to show the children the wings and the webbed feet. We learnt that the feathers are waterproof and they have webbed feet to help them to swim. Then we met Jack the guinea pig and our Jack helped Alison to point out the different features that it had and we learnt that guinea pigs don’t have a tail.


We also met Buzz the rabbit and then we met Muriel the sheep and Lottie and Daisy the goats. The children learnt all about what they eat and got to feed the animals, and they also learnt about their appearance and how their coats keep them warm. They thought Muriel the sheep was very soft! The children thought the goats were brilliant and James W said “My sister is called Lottie” and he thought it was very funny when Alison asked if she had a hairy chin like Lottie the goat! What an exciting morning! 


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Acorn Farm Learning Story