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St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Together with Jesus, we Love, Learn and Believe


Welcome to Class Rome

Teacher: Mrs Iliff 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kinsella        


Meet the Romans!


RE: New Life (Y4), Choices (Y3), Islam, God's People (Y4)

English: Reading, Writing and performing Play scripts, Folktales, Biographies, Autobiographies, Year 3/4 Spellings, Grammar, Cursive handwriting

Maths: 2D and 3D shape, Telling the Time, Money, Column addition and subtraction, 3,4 and 8 times tables

Science: Living things and their Habitats, Teeth and the Digestive system

Topic: Shang Dynasty, World Cup-see below

Geography: Locating 32 countries on a world map- continents, flags and capital cities. Focus on Russia, Egypt and Belgium-Developing fact files- Location-latitude and longitude, land use, places of interest, population size and area. Compare and contrast.

History: History of the World Cup. Statistics. Focus on 1966.

Computing: iPad research of World Cup countries

Art: Russian artist-Wassily Kandinsky. Designing posters. Observational drawings of football boots/trainers.

PE: Swimming, Athletics and Rounders. Rules of football. Interviewing a referee.

Music: Singing with Mrs McMullan

Spanish: Numbers, Sports, Fruit and Vegetables, Colours



RE: Journeys, Giving and Receiving, Giving All

ENGLISH: Guided Reading, Spellings and Cursive Handwriting

MATHS: Multiplication and Division (3x,4x,8x tables)   Fractions

SCIENCE: States of Matter(Solids, liquids and gases)

                  Animals and Habitats (Trip to Knowsley Safari Park)

TOPIC: Knowing Knowsley- Geography and History of the local area

PE: Everton in the Community, Football, Athletics, Circuit Training, Dodge ball and Tag Rugby



RELIGIOUS EDUCATION-People-Promises-Judaism-Gift

ENGLISH-Historical Fiction-Newspaper Report-Poetry-Science Fiction-Discussion Text

                 Guided Reading-Daily Reading-Spellings-Handwriting

MATHS-Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division-Times Tables

SCIENCE- Sound-Electricity

GEOGRAPHY-Exploring Europe-Countries and capital cities

HISTORY-The Tudors-Henry VIII and his six wives

PE-  Athletics, Team Games-Dodge ball, Hockey, Basketball

ART- Self portraits- Italian artists-Leonardo da Vinci-Michelangelo-Tudor art

Computing- iPad-research-My Maths- Coding-Pong Game

MUSIC- Singing with Mrs McMullan

Thank you for all your donations! I loved the spotty socks and headbands!