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St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Together with Jesus, we Love, Learn and Believe


Welcome to Class Rome


Teachers: Mrs Iliff and Mrs McMullan

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Millington-Tuesday

Mrs Kinsella-Wednesday and Friday


Please make sure you read with your child on a regular basis and complete the review sheet in detail so that their books are changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Remember their are other interesting books to read as well as their school reading book!


Over the next few weeks the children will be studying the following:

Religious Education-The themes of Energy, Pentecost, Choices and Special Places will be studied over the Summer term.

English- Biographies, Information facts about Mountains, Adventure stories, Poetry Recital, Grammar exercises, Weekly spellings and Key words for Year 3, Cursive handwriting

Mathematics -3,4 and 8 times tables and related division facts, Column addition and subtraction using 2 and 3 digit numbers, Grid multiplication, Problem solving, Telling the Time at 5 minute intervals

Science- Plants, Light and Shadows

History- Local history of Huyton-with-Roby with a particular focus on the development of the Railway.

Geography-Map and atlas work focusing on British Isles and the World in relation to the topic of Mountains. 

Design Technology-Linked to History Topic-Design and make a round house and hill fort, Celtic brooch, Roman Mosaics,

Art and Design-Making a mountain using materials including Mod Roc. (3D sculpture)

Computing- Using iPads to design and write algorithms-Scratch Jnr, using relevant websites to enhance learning. Using Pic collage to create a mountains poster.

Physical Education- Summer sports-tennis, Rounders, Cricket, Athletics.

Music-Weekly singing and hymn practice with Mrs McMullan, Developing music skills and Recorder with Mrs Gopaul- a specialist music teacher.

Spanish-numbers, colours and days of the week, greetings.




 Useful websites include:





These websites include interactive activities and games for the children to complete.



Den Building: The children had a great time working together to construct and build a den that would be secure and waterproof. They also had to filter dirty water and toast marshmallows. Yummy!
The children used natural materials including twigs, leaves, stones and feathers to create pictures of the Stone Age environment.
The children enjoyed making Beaker style Bronze Age pots from clay.
The children enjoyed using the watercolour paints to complete the Iron Age picture.
The children used the iPads to create a flow diagram using the  PureFlow app. They had to create an algorithm- a set of instructions- to describe their day from getting up to arriving at school.
The children designed and made a 'Moving Monster' using two syringes, tubing, a burger box and craft materials.
Food Technology: The children had a great time with Mrs Rotherham and her team of helpers. The children took part in a 'Cookathon'. The children all worked together to prepare a Chicken Biryani. They were able to taste their dish. Yummy!! I can honestly say it was delicious and had 2 helpings!!!!!


The children had a great time changing the classroom into a gathering for a church. The children listened carefully to readings and psalms from the Bible. They also sang The Gloria

using the hymn books to help them.


The children had a great time working together in their groups to design an equipment layout using mats, benches, cones, hoops and small jumps. Every group designed a different layout. They all had a great time moving on the equipment in different ways.

Photography: The children had a brilliant time learning how to use camera and then  go around the school to take photos of the children working in class. 
Making Mountains: The children had a great time making mountains using pizza bases,newspapers and masking tape. They worked in pairs to create their mountains which were then covered in Mod Roc, ready to be painted next week.
LOGGERHEADS: What a grand day out for all of year 3 and 4! The day started with rain and ended with sunshine! The children enjoying exploring the forest and walking to the Devil's Gorge. This was followed by lunch and then another walk to the cliff top which overlooks Moel Famau. The children had a delicious ice cream and came home with a souvenir. Enjoy looking at the photos!