Reading at St Aloysius

Reading at St Aloysius

Reading and Phonics

The teaching of reading at St Aloysius begins in our EYFS, with our children sharing books with adults and listening to many stories each day. The children access daily phonics lessons, as developing secure phonetic awareness and the ability to accurately segment and blend phonemes and graphemes is the first step towards fluency.

Read Write Inc is our scheme for the daily, focused teaching of systematic synthetic phonics in Reception and Key Stage 1. We send RWI Book Bag Books home, to ensure the children are reading books containing sounds they know and have been taught.

As pupils progress through school, we use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme to continue to develop our children’s reading skills. We also encourage all pupils to choose a ‘Reading for Pleasure’ book to take home.


Wider Reading

Reading a wide variety of high quality literature is central to our curriculum approach. Our whole school reading spine sets out a progression of classic and contemporary picture books, novels and poetry collections to be read aloud by the teacher with the whole class to ensure that all children are introduced to variety of inspiring and challenging literature, whatever their own current reading level.

Our St Aloysius Reading Passports feature over 100 suggested texts that the children should read by the time they leave St Aloysius. These can be read by the teacher in class, with a parent/carer at home or independently.

Examples of Reading at St Aloysius

We share stories in our outdoor provision in EYFS

We invite our families in for reading events such as 'Books for Bedtime'

We love inviting our families in to read with us

We enjoy focusing on new texts each term

Our youngest children are learning to retell familiar stories

We read books from our Reading Passport

We love our reading shed in EYFS

We visit our local library with our families

Our older children read to our younger children

We read every day!

We develop a bank of favourite stories and share them with others

All classes visit the library throughout the year

We dedicate time to read for pleasure

We encourage our families to access the lending library

We learn to read from the beginning of Reception

We celebrate World Book Day

We develop our reading skills through VIPERS lessons

We enjoy reading for pleasure every day

Completing our Reading Passports