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Reading at St Aloysius

Reading at St Aloysius


At St Aloysius we aim to provide a learning environment which encourages all children to fully develop their ability to become fluent, confident readers with a wide knowledge of books and authors. We want children to appreciate how important reading is to their learning across all areas of the curriculum. We believe that through reading, children can become empowered, knowledgeable and be challenged in order to achieve.



We teach reading primarily through Guided Reading sessions where the teacher provides support for small groups of readers, as they learn to use various reading strategies. Comprehension is a key aspect of Guided Reading, whereby children develop a deeper understanding of the content they have read through careful and planned questioning. We follow the VIPERS framework to deliver our Guided Reading sessions and focus on the following areas:

  • Vocabulary
  • Inference
  •  Prediction
  •  Explain
  •  Retrieval
  •  Sequencing/Summarising


Individual Reading is also a key aspect of our approach to teaching reading. Targeted children have the opportunity to read one-to-one with an adult. In UKS2, pupils also have access to Reading Plus which is an individual reading programme that targets fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. This programme is used by children at home or in school.


Each class has its own reading area, which we aim to make as inviting and stimulating as possible, filled with books written by popular children’s authors. Within each reading area there are levelled books which children can access, alongside books of interest. There are also books available related to the current curriculum topic to extend children’s interest and knowledge. Our fabulous school library is not only filled with a wealth of books but also provides pupils with a quiet, relaxing reading space. Reading club is held weekly during lunchtimes. 


School uses a range of reading scheme texts for individual and guided readings, which are colour coded using book bands. They offer very specific levels and enable us to target children’s individual needs. In addition to this, the children have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction from both the classroom and the library collections. All year groups have a set of core books which they are expected to read or have read to them throughout each year.


Children have their own individual reading book to take home each day to practise their reading skills and share their learning with their families. A home-school reading diary is provided for each child so that teachers and parents/carers can communicate.



We feel that by using a range of different reading schemes, fiction and non-fiction books, children are able to broaden their learning as they are being provided with a wide variety of reading experiences. We want our children to develop a love of reading throughout their time in school, so that they become life-long readers who value the power of reading and recognise its rewards. We want our children to command a rich and diverse vocabulary which allows them to speak with confidence and empower their future lives.