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RE: Cardiff visit St Aloysius Church

As part of our RE topic ‘Belonging’, we are learning all about Baptism and belonging to God’s family. Today, we went to St Aloysius Church to learn more about Baptism with Peter. We took Aloysius Bear to role play the Baptism and he had a starring role! 

We chose Harrison and Isabella to be the parents and Bobby and Ava to be the Godparents. Peter showed us how the baby is anointed with the Oil of Catechumens, then the children took Aloysius Bear to the font and Peter blessed Aloysius Bear with the holy water. Then Aloysius Bear was anointed with the sacred chrism and the sign of the cross made on his head.


After that, the Godparents wrapped the baby in a white shawl, and we pretended to light the baptism candle from the Paschal candle and Peter told us all about how the candle is lit at Easter. Peter then showed us how the Baptism is recorded in the    Baptism Register and we found Riley’s and Cassie’s record in the book.


The children were able to ask lots of questions and Jake asked “Why do we use holy water?” and we learnt that it is to cleanse the baby. Riley asked “Why do we make the sign of the cross?” and Millie asked “How many Godparents can you have?”


The children had a wonderful time and were very well behaved in Church. They loved taking part in the role play!


You can see lots of pictures from our visit below and read more about why this experience was fantastic in the learning story below...