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Power Maths

At St Aloysius, we have recently started to plan our maths lessons using Power Maths. This involves a whole class mastery approach to teaching and learning in maths, making every lesson engaging and challenging for all children.

Power Maths:  

  • Builds every concept in small, progressive steps.
  • Is built with interactive, whole-class teaching in mind.
  • Provides the tools needed to develop growth mindsets.
  • Establishes core elements such as intelligent practice and reflection.


All children explore mathematical problems together as we 'discover' the learning for the day. They then work with our Power Partner to 'share' ways they could solve the problems. Then they 'think together' and work through a range of problems as the teacher guides them.  Next, they are ready tackle a variety of questions independently in their practice books.


We believe that with this approach, all children can make good progress and achieve their mathematical potential.