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On Shrove Tuesday we discovered that it is a tradition to cook, eat and toss pancakes before we give things up for Lent. Mrs Rotherham and Mrs O'Neill came into nursery and helped us prepare and cook our pancakes.


First we poured our ingredients of flour, eggs and milk into a big bowl. We then stirred the mixture well with big spoons. Our teachers then cooked the mixture in a hot pan. They bubbled and sizzled and smelled delicious. When the pancakes were cooled we chose some to toss in a pan and we ate some for our snack, choosing our own toppings.  They were yummy and some of us had seconds!


At carpet time we read the poem 'Mix the pancake' and we ordered pancakes by size. We also took some pancakes into the hall and outside and had pancake races. Lots of them ended up on the floor but we had lots of fun.