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Our New Gambia Friends!

Today we had a lovely suprise visit from a lady called Perpetua. Perpetua told us all about her friends who live in Gambia. We were all very interested to learn about a school in Gambia which Perpetua visits. The children who go to this school do not have lots of lovely toys like us, this made us quite sad! We decided that we wanted to help the children in the Gambia school and Perpetua thought that this was a great idea. We are going to collect lots of things which the children in Gambia do not have and our friend Charlotte is going to take them all with her when she visits Gambia with Perpetua in the summer. 

Some of the items which Perpetua said would be a real help are;
-Plasters, anti-septic creams such as savalon etc
-New toothbrushes and toothpaste
-Hair brushes, bobbles, clips
-Clothes which no longer fit us anymore, especially shorts and light materials
-Football kits which no longer fit us
-Balloons (the children really enjoy playing with balloons!)
-Pencils, pencil sharpeners, rubbers, pens, crayons, felt tip pens

We really appreciate all of your kind donations and are very proud of how thoughtful and respectful our children are. Perpetua was delighted with our children's thoughts and ideas! 


Thank you so much!