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Everybody Writes Week

Wow! What a week it’s been! We arrived at school on Monday to find that something strange had happened. The police were on our playground investigating and had cordoned off the area! The rumour was that something had landed on our playground and we could see smoke coming from the crash site…what could it be? We all gathered in the hall where the police had provided us with some CCTV footage. We watched it eagerly and saw a spaceship fly over our school and then crash land in our playground! We watched a video clip of Sarps the friendly alien who desperately needed our help. In the crash, his computer had broken and he needed our help to fix it! Each class had to work out part of the code to input into the computer so we could help Sarps find his way home. Everyone was excited and eager to help! We spent the week taking part in lots of writing activities and solving the code and on Friday we pieced the code together and helped Sarps to fly home! What an exciting week!