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Missing Gingerbread Men

 This week we started our new topic all about Traditional Tales and we have been reading ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ We loved reading the story and joining in with the repeated refrains. We were each then given a Gingerbread man to decorate and we left them out to set to have for snack. But when we came back into school, they were gone!


The children found flour and a letter from the gingerbread men saying that they had to run away because they were being chased by the big, bad fox. We then watched CCTV footage from the classroom which showed the gingerbread men running away! They asked if we could help them and we were so excited. Miss Harrison and Miss Steele then showed us how to make a wanted poster and we talked about what words we could use to describe the sneaky fox. The children helped Miss Harrison and Miss Steele to sound out the words and they could not wait to write their own.


Once everyone had made their poster we stuck them all around school so we could catch the fox. After lunch we found another letter from the fox, our plan had worked! The fox said he was sorry for taking the gingerbread men, he thought we had left them out for him to eat. He was too scared to bring them back so he left us clues to follow to find them in a safe place.


We followed the clues around school, listening carefully each time and working out the questions together. We went to the dinner hall, the gym, the messy room, the playground and to our final clue in Miss Wrigley’s office. There, on her desk were our gingerbread men! We brought them back to class and finally enjoyed eating our gingerbread men as snack. We have had so much fun! Well done everyone!