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Making pancakes!

This week we are going to be writing a set of instructions and Miss Harrison thought it would be a fantastic idea for us to write instructions on how to make pancakes. Of course, we had to make them first, and this turned out to be a lot of fun!!


First, we gathered all of the equipment and ingredients that we needed. 

Next, we weighed out the flour and added an egg and milk and then we mixed it all into a bowl until it was creamy and smooth.

After that, we put the pan on the stove and we put a small amount of oil into the pan. 

Then, we poured some pancake mixture into the pan and when the bottom side of the pancake was golden we flipped it over.

Next, we waited until that side was golden and then we put it onto our plates.

After that, we chose our toppings and we put them onto our pancakes. 

Finally we ate them and we really enjoyed them. 


The children were so excited to make pancakes and were discussing which topping they were going to have - lemon, sugar, strawberry jam or Nutella. Nutella was a very popular choice!!


Next in our learning, we're going to write a set of instructions on how to make pancakes and we're going to complete some data handling to see which was our favourite topping. What a fun way to motivate and engage us in our learning!


Take a look at us making pancakes below and perhaps you could help at home by practising writing different sets of instructions.