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Magical Magnetic Pennies

In science we have been studying 'forces' and have moved on to investigating magnetism as a force. We discovered that the force was discovered by a Greek shepherd named Magnes who was tending his flock of sheep one day when he noticed his boots had become stuck on a black rock. We now know this rock as lodestone and that it is a natural magnet that was used in the first primitive compasses.

  We then made our own compasses by magnetising paper clips which we placed on cork and floated on water. We had some successes and some failures but we persevered.  

  Now we have moved on to investigating with magnets and we soon discovered that pennies are attracted to magnets so we have had lots of fun making penny ladders with metallic tape measures, penny bridges and some of us made our own magical penny tricks. Please take a look at our photographs..... 

Magical Magnetic Pictures