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Learning about 'Celebrating' and visiting Church

We have been learning all about 'Celebrating' in our RE topic. We have talked about the different celebrations that we know including birthdays, weddings and christenings etc, and lots of us have even brought in photographs to share in class.


We have also been learning about the parish family and how they celebrate in and out of church. We talked about the celebrations that happen in church and what things we may see during a celebration such as the altar, font, hymn books and many more.


 We then went to visit St Aloysius Church to look for the different parts of church that are used during celebrations. We sat on the benches and looked around to see what we could see. The children enjoyed looking round and remembered lots of the things we were looking for independently.


Peter then gave us a tour of our church and we learnt lots of new information. We were able to ask lots of questions and we behaved perfectly. We remembered to listen carefully and we used our quiet voices. Well done everyone!