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Learning about Baptism and visiting St Aloysius Church


Our topic in RE is ‘Welcome’ and we have been so busy for the past couple of weeks learning all about it.


First, we talked about how we welcome each other and how we were welcomed into school. We talked about how we can welcome each other with a smile, a hug or a handshake and we made a welcome banner and welcome cards for people who are new to our class or school.


Next, we talked about how we welcome babies into our family and how we are all welcomed into the Church family when we are Baptised. We watched a video of a Baptism together in class and we looked for the main signs and symbols of Baptism. We talked about our experiences of Baptism together in class. Some of us remembered being Baptised or going to a family member’s Baptism.


On Friday, we visited St Aloysius for the first time and we acted out a Baptism with Peter. We took a baby from our home corner along and the children decided to call her Freya.


Scarlett and Patrick were the Mum and Dad, Lois and Cayden were the Godparents and the rest of the class were family and friends attending the celebration. Peter showed us the special oils and we watched as he made the sign of the cross on the baby. The children then took the baby to the font and we watched as Peter poured water over the baby’s head and said ‘In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen’.


The Godparents then wrapped the white shawl around the baby and pretended to light the Baptism candle. We all clapped as the baby was welcomed into our Church family.

Finally, Peter showed us that the baby’s name is then recorded in the Baptism Register and he found some of our children’s names in the important book.


We really enjoyed acting out a Baptism together and going to church for the first time. We are learning so much in Reception!