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Jingle the Elf



December saw a surprise visitor to our class in the shape of a real elf from the North Pole! He arrived on Miss Wrigley's desk one Monday morning, addressed to Cardiff with a special mission from Santa. His job was to watch the children throughout the day, then at night he would fly back to the North Pole and report back to Santa on all the kind things that the children do. The children were so excited to have a real elf in our class, but in order for him to get his magic, they had to first give him a name. After much class discussion we decided to call him Jingle and we quickly learnt that he was a rather mischievous elf! Each morning when Jingle returned to our class, we found that he had had some adventures in the night. The children loved coming to school each morning and running into class to see if they could find him and see what he had been up to! 

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