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As you may know, the children are arriving home from school talking about 'green dots' and they have also started to bring home weekly feedback sheets (see below). This is part of our new Assertive Mentoring system that is in place throughout school and involves a colour coded system so that all children understand how well they are doing on a weekly basis. It helps to motivate children learn, succeed and become more responsible for their own learning. So far we have had a fantastic response from all the children.

Here is some information about the weekly feedback sheet you receive and some ways that you can help your child at home:



Spelling test - The children are given spellings on a Monday for a spelling test the following Friday. Letters must be the right way round and no capital letters in order to be right! Practise spellings every night and practise correct letter formation at home. 

Times tables - The children were assessed at the beginning of term and will be focusing on the times tables they need to learn.  It is important all the children learn their times tables facts to improve not only their mental calculation but also written calculation.

Maths Basic Skills - The children have a maths quiz every Friday, and are set across Key Stage Two according to their level of ability.  During basic skills, the teacher will review facts, address any misconceptions and develop the children's mathematical skills and understanding.  The children are also review their learning from the previous session and are encouraged to consolidate their learning through asking questions, practising skills and investigations. 

P.E. Kit - Make sure your child has their full PE kit in school at all times. This year our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Reading Book - The children must bring their book bags in to school every day and be reading at home to get a green dot! Our book changing days this year are usually Mondays and Thursdays.  Books are date stamped and we do read all comments left by parents or children. We try to listen to the children read as often as possible so it is important for the children to bring their books to school daily.


Behaviour - Our 'Star to 5' behaviour system is used throughout the school and if your child stays on their star all week they will get a 'green dot.'

'SMILEY FACES'  The children are awarded smiley faces for positive behaviour, manners and also their work.  A chart is displayed in class so the children and staff can follow how many 'smileys' each child has.  The aim for for the children to reach 100 'Smileys' per term and reach bronze, silver or gold by the end of the year.  Any children reaching hundred'Smileys' will receive a reward and a letter will be sent home to inform parents.

Homework - Spellings is given on a Monday and should be returned Friday with your child's name on the top. Other homework will be given when appropriate.  The children will be given maths facts to learn to learn and by Year Four all the children should know their times tables. Home learning is important to consolidate what we are learning that week in school. 

Attendance - Children will be informed about their attendance on a regular basis throughout the year using the colour coded system. Please make sure your child is in school every day and is on time! Our school day starts when doors open at 8:45am and it ends at 3.15pm. 

Targets  All children will be assessed and be given personalised targets for reading, writing and maths.  A copy of the children's targets are kept in their mentoring file, which every child has daily access to ,and also on the front of their books.  The children will be given verbal and written feedback, as well as discrete focus lessons so that they can achieve their targets.

If you have any questions or queries then please make an appointment with Mrs Harris.