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Indian Dancing and Rangoli Patterns

Indian Dancing and Rangoli Patterns


As our new stick insects are from India, Class 3 are learning about India this week! We had a great day today making Indian flags and then we had a workshop where we learnt some traditional Indian dancing! We listened to Indian music and some of the children dressed up in traditional Indian clothes and some wore bells as they danced! They listened really carefully and tried hard to copy the dance moves!

Then in the afternoon, we learnt how to make Rangoli patterns and made our own using different coloured beans and lentils! We then drew our own Rangoli patterns in the chalk outside! Miss Harrison also set up an investigation table with souvenirs from India for us to look at including a traditional Sari, jewellery, ornaments, trinkets, incense and many other exciting things! What a fabulous day!

Next we are going to be learning more about India and even tasting traditional Indian foods!

Have a look at the photos of our exciting day below! Click next page to see them all...