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History in Action

The children at St Aloysius love to learn about the past. Here are some quotes from our pupils about their history curriculum:

"I like learning about what happens in the past, the amazing people. We can learn from the past." (Year 5 pupil)

"I liked learning about Henry VIII. He was a strong King. I liked drawing ourselves as the King." (Year 3 pupil)

"I like learning about the past and the present. I like having visitors."  (Year 2 pupil)

"It’s interesting, we find out about new things and different times in the past. I liked the World War topic." (Year 5 pupil)

At St Aloysius it is our aim to bring the past alive for our children through exciting, hands on and interactive activities that encourage the children to experience in different contexts and record their work in a range of ways. We also plan for our children to learn from a range of sources including handling artefacts, trips to museums, art galleries, historical sites of interest and from first hand sources such as visitors.


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