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History: The Great Fire of London workshop

What an exciting day we had today. As part of our new learning in History, Miss Harrison decided to start our topic off with a WOW! and organised for us to take part in a workshop for the Great Fire of London. We all dressed up in period costumes and everybody had an important part to play. 


We met Mrs Ashby who was one of Samuel Pepys' maids and she helped us to act out the story and sequence all of the important parts. The Year One children took part in the morning and the Year Two children took part in the afternoon. Harvey made an excellent Samuel Pepys and we watched him write all about the great historical event in his diary. 


The children learnt about how the fire started, they acted out people trying to escape the fire and then tried to put the fire out! They learnt all about the old equipment and how there was no fire brigade and we learnt that the fire spread because the houses were close together and made out of wood. They role played pulling the houses down using fire hooks to try and stop the fire from spreading and pretended to blow the houses up using gunpowder! 


Everybody had a fantastic time and it was a great way to start our new learning in a fun and practical way. All of the children were engaged and eager to learn and their behaviour was excellent! Well done children, Miss Harrison is so proud of you all!


Next, we will be continuing our learning about The Great Fire of London by learning the key dates, sequencing the story, writing fact files, diary entries and reports. 


Take a look at us taking part in the workshop below...