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Healthy Eating

After discovering that we need to eat a varied and balanced diet to keep ourselves healthy we have been preparing, creating and trying some healthy foods.

  On Monday Mrs Rotherham and some of our mums helped us to prepare a chicken Korma curry with rice that had green beans, eggs, tomato and onion.

 We began by washing our hands. The equipment had already been prepared for us so next we chopped and prepared the chicken, eggs and vegetables. After this we heated a pan with oil, added our ingredients and some Korma paste and stirred them until they  were cooked. Finally we got to taste it and we all decided healthy food can be delicious.


On Friday Mrs Millington helped us make fruit smoothies. To start we talked about our favourite fruits and came up with combinations of fruits that we thought would work well together.

  Next in our groups we gathered our ingredients and equipment and most importantly we washed our hands.

 Our fruit had already been washed so we peeled and cut it up, chopping it carefully. After we had prepared our fruit we weighed the ingredients, recording the measurements. Finally we put the ingredients into a smoothie maker.

 We blended the ingredients for a minute until the fruit became smooth and was ready to drink.

 Finally it was time for the taste test. We decided some of the combinations worked well and some were not as apertising.

 However we all thought that smoothie making was fun and we would try to find the ideal combination of ingredients.