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Gingerbread Hunt!


Wow! What an exciting day we’ve had. This week we have been learning all about ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and yesterday we made our own gingerbread men. We decorated them and left them to set but this morning when we came in, they were gone!

The children found flour and a note from the gingerbread men, saying that they were being chased by the big bad fox and they had run away. They asked for help to catch him and help them to get back. We were so shocked but eager and excited to help.


Miss Harrison showed us some CCTV footage on the smartboard and we were so surprised to see the gingerbread men running away on the screen. Miss Harrison and Miss Steele showed us how to make ‘Wanted’ posters to catch the fox and everybody made one. We discussed what words we would use to describe the fox with our talking partners and we helped to sound out the words. Some of us even wrote sentences using a full stop!

We put our posters up all around school and crossed our fingers that we would catch that big, bad fox.


After lunch, we came back to class and a letter had arrived from the fox. Our posters had worked! He said he was so sorry for taking the gingerbread men, he thought we had left them out for him to eat. He was too scared to bring them back in case the children shouted at him, so he had hidden them in a safe place.


A clue fell out of the envelope and we were on a gingerbread hunt. We followed the clues around school, listening carefully each time and working out the answers together. We went to the gym, the playground, the dinner hall and the messy room before the final clue led us to Miss Wrigley’s office. There, on her desk were our gingerbread men, safe and sound. We brought them back to class and we finally enjoyed our gingerbread men as a late afternoon snack. What a busy and exciting day!