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Gathering for Mass

 Today we have been learning about gathering for Mass. We read about gathering in God's Story and we talked about what happens when we go to Mass. Then we dressed-up Sonny as a Priest and we set-up our classroom as a church with an altar with a cloth, a candle, the Bible, a statue of Jesus and a cross.


 Next people gathered out side our church and Joel the altar boy rang the bell. People began to come inside, the helpers welcomed them when they were walking in and gave out hymn books. We made the Sign of the Cross with Holy Water and we gathered in the church.  Joel rang the bell again and we all stood up. The Priest came in  and he walked down the aisle with Stevi who was our Deacon. 

The Priest kisses the bible and the cloth and the Priest  makes the Sign of the Cross and says "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. He welcomes everyone and says "The lord be with you." And the congregation says "And with your spirit."


This was written by Joel J\Mollie F \Stevi 

Photographs by Ethan