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Garden Centre Visit

We had a great time this week visiting the Garden Centre! We travelled to the

Garden Centre on the mini bus driven by Mrs Rotherham. We were so excited!

When we got to the Garden Centre we had a good look around. We looked in the shop and saw that there was lots for sale. There was garden furniture, gardening tools and decorations to make the garden look beautiful! We really liked the Fairy Garden and we are hoping to create one in our garden.

Next we went to look at fruit / vegetable plants. We saw an orange and a lemon tree and a strawberry plant!

After that we looked lots of different flowers. Some of them had already flowered but some were still only buds. The flowers were all different colours and we thought that they looked beautiful! Some plants had nice smells, they were called herbs. We smelt lavender, basil, mint and much more.

We were very surprised to see that animals lived in the garden centre! We saw fluffy rabbits, birds and lots of fish! There was a Nemo fish and a Dory fish that we all

enjoyed seeing! We decided that we would really love to have some fish in school to look after, so when we got back to class we made some letters and pictures to persuade Miss Wrigley to let us get some!


We had a great time and hope that we can go back soon!


Our visit to Whitakers Garden Centre.