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Exploring Jubilee Park

Our research project this half term is 'Plants' and this afternoon we went to Jubilee Park to look at what flowers, plants and trees we could find in our local area. 


We worked in groups and Miss Harrison gave each group an iPad to take pictures of all of the things that we could find. We found lots of different trees, plants and flowers all at different stages - some alive, some dead, some with buds and some that were just opening. It provided lots of opportunities for discussion and comparison, as well as discussion about seasons which we learnt about last term.  


We took it in turns to use the iPads to take photos and we were really good at using them carefully. Tomorrow we are going to put all of our photos into a PicCollage and write about what we saw.


As a treat for being really engaged in our learning and being extremely well behaved, Miss Harrison let us have 5 minutes to play on the play park! What a fun and exciting afternoon!


Take a look at some photos from our trip to Jubilee Park below...