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Everybody Writes Week!

Wow! What a week it’s been! We arrived at school on Monday to find that something strange had happened. The police were on our playground investigating and had cordoned off the area! The rumour was that something had landed on our playground and we could see smoke coming from the crash site…what could it be? The children were soon speculating:


“I saw something fly across the sky, Miss!”


“I saw flashing lights in the sky and then I heard something crash”


“I think I saw an alien hiding in my garden!”


We all gathered in the hall where the police had provided us with some CCTV footage. We watched it eagerly and saw a spaceship fly over our school and then crash land in our playground!


We watched a video clip of Sarps the friendly alien who desperately needed our help. In the crash, his computer had broken and he needed our help to fix it! Each class had to work out part of the code to input into the computer so we could help Sarps find his way home. Everyone was excited and eager to help! 


The children in Cardiff set to work, taking part in a range of alien themed activities throughout school including:

  • Designing and describing their own aliens
  • Writing character descriptions
  • Writing questions that they’d like to ask Sarps
  • Writing letters, messages and invitations to Sarps
  • Making masks and puppets
  • Reading lots of alien and space themed books

and many, many more throughout the week. The writing opportunities were fantastic and it was great to see all of the children so engaged and motivated to write.


Each class had a piece of the puzzle to solve throughout the week we received a message that was scrambled up! We had to solve the sums and then match the answers to an alphabet key to spell out the message which said "Have you seen my spaceship? Can you write me a set of instructions to find it?" and we did just that!


On Friday we brought our instructions for Sarps to a whole school assembly. Each class gave their piece of the puzzle to Sarps and we watched as he typed it into his computer on his spaceship and HOORAY, IT WORKED!! The children were then amazed to see him take off in his spaceship back to the planet Zog!


To celebrate our wonderful week of learning, we had a space themed dress up day on Friday where lots of children came as aliens and the teachers all came as astronauts from NASA! It was a fantastic week filled with lots of fun learning and we would like to thank you all for your support.