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Everybody Writes Week!

Everybody Writes Week!


Our week started off with a very interesting assembly on Monday morning! We were in the middle of awarding certificates when Little Red Riding hood arrived! She had lost her basket and asked the children had they seen it. Then, Jack appeared and he had lost his magic beans! Goldilocks also joined us and was looking for her porridge bowl, and then 2 very ugly and very funny sisters skipped in looking for their lost invitation to the ball!! The children were so excited to see all their favourite fairytale characters and promised to help them to find their lost objects! However, a big bad wolf appeared and we suspected he had stolen them! He quickly disappeared and the hunt was on! Every class had clues and an object to find and hopefully we'd catch that big bad wolf!

Class 3 were so excited and as soon as we got back to class they began making 'Wanted!' posters to catch the big bad wolf! We wrote excellent character descriptions about the wolf  and our class was going to help Cinderella find the invitation to the ball. We did lots of super writing about the story throughout the week and on Thursday, we found some interesting clues and we went on a hunt! We ran into Mrs Healey on the way and she helped us to solve the problem. Thanks Mrs Healey! We eventually found the invitation hidden in the staffroom, but it had another clue attached to it...

Come and find me if you dare,
I'm hiding in my gloomy lair.
Here it's dark, you may need a light,
Be careful you might get a fright!

It's somewhere you may not have been,
A great hiding place as you can't be seen.
I'm somewhere you might need to crawl,
Perhaps I'm in the __________

On Friday, we had a special dressing up day and everybody came in wearing a fairytale outfit! We all looked fabulous, and Miss Harrison and Mrs Gilbert even came in dressed as Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood which we thought was hilarious!

On Friday afternoon, a special message was in our register inviting us to a special assembly! We took our invitation and our wanted posters with us and we all gathered in the hall. We returned the objects to our fairytale characters and together we solved the final clue and found the Big Bad Wolf hiding under the stage! It turned out that he was actually a friendly wolf and he had only borrowed the objects! The fairytale characters forgave him and everybody lived happily ever after!