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DT: Designing and making a Chinese lantern

As we have been learning all about China, we decided to make our own Chinese lanterns. Miss Harrison showed us how to design our lantern first and we thought carefully about what we wanted our lantern to look like and what colours we wanted to use. 


Then, we wrote a list of what we would need and we decided that we would need: coloured card, scissors, glue, coloured pencils, 'sparkles' and a stapler and we wrote this in our design booklets. 


After that, Miss Harrison modelled how to make our Chinese lanterns and we watched carefully as she showed us each part of the process. We were so impressed that we even gave her a round of applause when she had finished! :) Then we all went to our tables and we made our own lanterns, referring to our designs and copying the instructions with great care. Miss Harrison and Miss Bennett helped us with the tricky parts. 


We took photographs with our finished designs and we stuck the photographs in our design booklets. We were very proud of our lanterns and couldn't wait to take them home.


Finally, we evaluated our lanterns, discussing if there is anything that we would do differently next time and recording it in our booklets. 


What a wonderful crafty afternoon! Miss Harrison think we are excellent at designing and making! 


Take a look at us making our lanterns below...