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We have been celebrating Diwali the festival of light and have had so much fun learning all about India. For snack we have tried some delicious Indian foods such as naan bread, poppadoms, curry and some mango chutney. Our teachers have told us all about the story of Rama and Sita and we made some beautiful Indian finger puppets with Miss Malone.


We also made  some fabulous diva lamps using clay and then decorated them with sequins and sparkly glitter. Our teachers taught us all about Indian culture and together we found India on the globe. We painted Indian flags, made rangoli patterns, made some tasty Indian sweets and fantastic mendi hand prints in the messy room. We had lots of fun learning traditional Indian stick dancing, we dressed up in sari’s and even wore bindi’s. Our teachers were very impressed with how we could move in time to the music! We learnt that in India people give each other Happy Diwali cards, just like we do at birthdays and Christmas.


We made some for our friends and family. We have had so much fun and have learnt a lot! Maybe you could ask me all about Diwali at home.

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