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Croxteth Park Winter Wonderland


What a fantastic afternoon we had at Croxteth Park Winter Wonderland! We were so excited to go and see Father Christmas! We arrived at Croxteth Park and we were met by two elves— Twinkle and Sparkle. They sang some Christmas songs with us and showed us some cool dance moves. We were really excited to see them and we couldn’t wait to begin our fun activities.


First, we wrote letters to Father Christmas and we tried hard to sound out some letters and we drew pictures of what we wanted for Christmas. Then we posted our letters into a special post box so they would get to Father Christmas and his elves. Next, we took part in some Christmas craft activities. We used lots of different colours and added glitter to our pictures.


After that, Mother Christmas came to see us and she took us two at a time to go and see Father Christmas. We did a special knock on the door and said ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ and then we heard Santa inside! He knew all of our names and we told him if we had been good this year. He was so impressed that everyone in Dublin 1 is on the good list and he couldn’t believe how much we have grown up now that we are in Reception. He asked us all what we wanted for Christmas and we had our picture taken with him. Father Christmas even gave us all an early Christmas present for being so good! How lucky are we?


Next, Sparkle the elf gave us some carrots and we went to feed the animals in the farm. We saw rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, pigs, piglets, cows, donkeys, horses and many more. We had lots of fun exploring the farm and lots of the children commented on the unique farm smell. We loved learning all about the animals and we had lots of fun feeding them.


We made lots of lovely memories and had a brilliant time. Miss Harrison and Miss Steele are really proud of us!


Visiting a farm is one of our St Aloysius Child targets and we are so pleased that the children enjoyed this experience.