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Commando Joe - Mission Impossible!

Commando Joe - Mission Impossible!


It was our third session with Commando Joe today and we went outside to work on our team building skills. After warming up, the children were put into two teams and given their mission, should they choose to accept it!
As a team, they had to step over the first laser beam (piece of string) into enemy territory, access the secret codes (touch the bean bag) and then make their escape by passing under the second laser beam (piece of string). Sounds easy, but there was a catch -they had to hold on to each other at all times and weren't allowed to talk! The children soon realised that their task wasn't as easy as they first expected and at times it looked like it was going to be a mission impossible - but they worked together, adapted their ideas and eventually after about the 50th attempt made it all the way! They had a great time and are all looking forward to next week, when hopefully it wont be so muddy!

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