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St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Together with Jesus, we Love, Learn and Believe

Collective Worship

Each day in school, the children take part in collective worship. This is a time when we gather together, we listen to a piece of music and we take the time to think and reflect. The children love to help prepare and will play the music, hang our praying sign on our door, turn down the lights and help to set up our focus table and light the candle. 


We practice sitting and thinking as we listen to a line of scripture and we often have something to hold/pass around whilst we do this. We finish by thinking of something that we are going to try and do that day. 


Take a look at us helping to set up our focus table today and taking part in today's collective worship. We gathered together by all making the sign of the cross to remind us of Jesus and we passed the holding cross around as we thought of how we were going to do something special for our Mum today.