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Beep Beep!

Today Evie, Miley, Jessica and Olivia had a fantastic idea; they decided that the left over cardboard box in class would make a really good car. Together the girls collected the paints that they would need. Jessica said “we need orange”, Miley chose purple, and Olivia and Evie thought that Green would be the best colour to use.  First the girls painted the inside of the car and then Jade joined in helping to pain the outside of the car.  Once the painting of the car was complete, the children used black paper to cut out wheels and a steering wheel for the car. The added these finishing details once the car was dry.

The next day we decided that it would be a good idea to take our interest in cars a little further, so we put on our coats and went for a walk near school to look at some more cars. For our car research we needed clip boards and pencils, in order to make a tally chart of the different cars we counted.  

We had lots of fun with the car that the girls made and went on many exciting journeys. no