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Christmas 2017

The children has a lovely last week before Christmas: they enjoyed the Aladdin Pantomime, performing in the Talent Show the Christmas lunch, the Carol Concert and Party day.  The children said 'Goodbye and Good Luck' to Ellis and Mrs Bennett.

Design Technology

The children used their knowledge of how to make a circuit to design and make a Christmas decoration that lights up! They had a brilliant time and their decorations were amazing!!!

PE: Dance

The children had a great time learning a dance routine to 'Rocking around the Christmas Tree' with Miss Foley.


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PE: Hockey

The children have been learning how to play hockey, learning how to dribble. pass, tackle and shoot. Each week they practised their skills and played against each other. St Trinian's beware!!!!

MATHEMATICS: Using Numicon to help us work out division calculations.


The children were challenged to make a bulb light up or to make a motor move using a range of equipment including bulbs and bulb holders/ motors, batteries (cells) and wires. They had to make a circuit and had a great time exploring and investigating. They all succeeded in the end!

SCIENCE: Making a switch

The children made a switch to include in their circuit. Then they had fun testing it out.



The children had a brilliant time at the Walker Art Gallery looking at portraits and drawing/sketching King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. They also made a good impression on the public as many people commented on how well behaved they were.! I was very proud of them all.

GEOGRAPHY: Exploring Europe Entry Point

The children had a great time preparing an European feast including flatbread pizzas from Italy, paella from Spain and crepes from France. Yummy!!!!


The children had a great time making Venetian masks whilst listening to Italian Opera music.

Guess who?



Painting self portraits like Leonardo da Vinci and  creating sculptors like Michelangelo!


Exploring sound and vibrations using our string telephones. Investigating which material is best to protect our ears from noise pollution.


Using the iPads to find out more about Europe, its countries and capital cities. Also taking part in a coding workshop creating  a computer game called Pong.